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Shared Vision

Shared Vision Principles, Values, Goals & Objectives Unity Campaign

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The primary role of the SharedPurpose.Net site is the support and development of a shared vision for the future of USA and world politics.

We are exploring ways to pull together a wide spectrum of simultaneous factors, into a single "integral" model and framework, that can bring together in one place all the many facets of a workable new politics for the USA and the world.

  • Clarity - what is the problem we are trying to solve?
    People see this question very differently. Yet very often, their concerns are part of a broad landscape of issues that are all part of the problem (e.g., gerrymandering, team-based winner-take-all politics, excessive partisanship, oversimplified sound-bite ideology, undue influence of money, rules of the Senate, etc.). There are hundreds of problems in USA politics today. If we are going to "change the political culture", we may have to consider ways to address them all at the same time.

  • The elephant in the room - how can we make sure we're including everything?

  • House of cards - vision combines many elements and is easily shattered

  • Overcoming fragmentation - how do we put the pieces together to form one whole?

  • Reaching out across the internet in a bottom-up process that invites input from everywhere and everyone.

  • Build alliances with every organization or individual that shares some aspect of our vision.

  • Envision the USA as one community -- one "melting pot" -- that includes every point of view and every citizen. Make this community strong.
  • People's Voice

  • Creating the "We"

  • Developing informed vision

  • Connectivity

  • Co-creativity

  • Unity in Diversity

  • Broadband integration -- everything at once...