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Unity Campaign

Shared Vision Principles, Values, Goals & Objectives Unity Campaign

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The Unity Campaign is an emerging initiative of the Coffee Party, unfolding as a follow-though on our popular and important Unity Petition.

"We choose to be united as a People and refuse to be divided. We hereby Declare Our Unity."

Thousands of Coffee Party participants have "Declared their Unity". Here in this framework, we bring that idea down to earth, by offering everyone an opportunity to give that broad idea some specific meaning.

In the context of our concern with "Money in Politics", we are exploring to ways build grass-roots unity across a wide array of groups and individuals who feel that the influence of big money in our politics is out of control, and we must band together as Americans to resist the destructive and corrosive effects these powerful special interests are having on our nation.

You are invited to become involved in this process, by helping us identify the characteristics of national unity as you understand them, and by participating in a democratic process which will help ensure that we include absolutely everything our participants bring to us.

In this framework, you can

  • Vote on an existing set of "unity principles" that a team of Coffee Party members have brought together, selecting and supporting those principles that feel right to you, or which you personally accept and believe.
  • Suggest to us new "unity principles", adding them to the list of options which become available for voting -- thus, essentially "placing your ideas in nomination" along with principles we have already identified.
  • Add your comments, opinions or suggestions for all of us to consider and review.
Please sign in or join us to participate in this process.

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Principles or guidelines for unity

We invite you to consider these points. When you sign in, you can check the items where you feel you can agree, or add new ones.

1 We are willing to ask the big, audacious questions that need to be asked without malice or contempt.
2 We are a community of individual American's that love our country and are concerned about our future.
3 In a democracy we are ALL leaders by nature.
4 A "unity campaign" can be most effectively organized under a "white label" -- an alliance of networks not under the control of any one group.
5 Believe in the people of America. Rise up and get involved in your community and national issues for the betterment of America and Americans.
6 We agree to disagree, even when another Coffe Party member has views far different than our own. We engage in respectful dialogue, because we do not fear different opinions, beliefs, ideologies.
7 We need all hands on deck in order to create the most effective solutions and so we can steer directly towards a sustainable future with all our might.
8 Our country is not only a melting pot ethnically, but also politically.
9 We have common cause, and we are on common ground.
10 We should hold in high regard the value of our diverse process.
11 As Americans, we are all in the same boat.
12 There is no place for pure partisanship in a democracy because there will always be more than one political party or perspective in the US.
13 There will always be more than one political party or perspective in the US.
14 While we cannot always be united in our ideal solutions for any given issue, we must be united in our preservation of our nation.
15 Where we find common ground, We the People must come together as a community to work for the common good.
16 Disagreement cannot be allowed to spoil the integrity of the most effective solutions.
17 E Pluribus Unum: Out of Many, One.
18 United We Stand, Divided We Fall.
19 We all are responsible for holding our nation together.
20 We must lead by example, and consider everybody else our partners in this process.
21 Our members of Congress need not be from our own party to properly serve our interests as their constituents.
22 Disagreeing in part should not be a cause for obstructing the whole.
23 Participation is the essence of democracy; performing our civic duties is patriotic.
24 We will respect those with whom we disagree.
25 We do not need to agree on every single issue to do good works together for our nation.