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1. Instructions

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1. Introduction

We want to help create a political movement that is guided by holistic spirit and high ideals. Some people are very uneasy around the notion of "religion", and often with good reason. But the greatest political activists of the last century (Gandhi, Martin Luther King) were guided by strong spiritual/religious principles.

We want to find a common ground that maintains integrity but is not intrusive. Help us with that.

2. The Question

"What is the appropriate and proper role for spirituality and religion in a widely diverse political context? How can we come together to establish a high standard of ethics, without imposing some kind of dogmatic standard? It seems there are common principles -- like the Golden Role -- or basic standards of decency of good dialogue (e.g., how to create resonance and trust in a group). Please offer suggestions and our group can consider them."

3. Select Answers

Select ALL answers that are true for you (perhaps more than one). Then click "SAVE my answers".

No Answer
1 We should develop common principles for creating a resonant dialogue circle or trust circle
2 I believe that "oneness" or "unity" is a strong and widely acceptable spiritual or ethical value

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