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Bruce S.

Organization: Interspirit Foundation
Title at organization: Founder
Address: 609...
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City: Santa Barbara
State: California
Zip/postal code: 93101
Email: bru...
Political orientation: Independent
Date new: Saturday, June 19, 2010
Date modified: Tuesday, June 7, 2022
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I am a programmer, writer, organizer, and activist. I designed and built this "Shared Purpose" web system.

Petition: End the Violent Rhetoric Sun, Jan 9, 2011
May the spirit of grace protect the United States and guide us into a new era of understanding and growth.
Extend Unemployment Benefits Mon, Nov 29, 2010
We the People -- Too Big to Fail. Is this a hard concept? Come on guys....
Former Members of Congress for Common Ground Wed, Oct 6, 2010
This is real leadership. Let's stand behind these people -- and encourage all candidates for Congress -- Senate and House -- to heed this call for responsible public service to the USA.
Stop the feeding frenzy and report on what matters Mon, Aug 23, 2010
Wedge issues like the mosque are pulling us apart as a nation, and preventing us from dealing with critical issues. We have to get our national attention on the big problems we are facing. The media and politicians profit by dividing us -- which weakens us as a people, makes our voice less effective, and keeps the corporate media in power. We are being battered around by "the outrage industry". We need leadership and vision.
Get some help to Main St Fri, Jul 30, 2010
We need to work together....
Serious Citizen Pledge Sun, Jul 25, 2010
Citizenship -- is not just an altruistic form of self-sacrifice. It's each citizen, each human being, doing the basic things it takes to maintain life on this planet -- including their own life.
Stand with Leading Economists: Get America Back to Work Tue, Jul 20, 2010
We must call the leading voices together to stand for the people and for common sense, and to protect the economic vitality of our country. We cannot afford to wage two wars and engage in "nation building" abroad, while neglecting our own country and our ecological and economic infrastructure.
March on the unemployed Tue, Jul 20, 2010
With a little tweaking, this petition system should support as many different petitions as we wish to create. It's close to working now. I can come back here and add this comment.
Declaration of Unity Wed, Jul 7, 2010
E Pluribus Unum -- come on, political leadership -- pull us together! ** “There are a number of native myths that speak of the breaking and the reunification of the circle. In Hopi oral tradition, the story says that once the truth was a whole body of knowledge known by all beings – people, animals, stones, plants, there was no separation. Then an imbalance came. The circle was broken and the whole truth divided. Each clan was given responsibility for a portion of the truth. They were instructed to care for this truth until such time as they could remember their wholeness and reunite the circle. “Of course, after a period of time, the clans forgot that they carried only a fraction of the truth, and began to think they carried the whole truth. They began hording it, protecting it, trying to impose it on others. Their spirituality became religions that divided them and caused disrespect for other ways of life. They began dividing up the land and claiming the clans of the animals, plants and stones for themselves. Scarcity began to dwell among the people. Masala, the messenger of the Hopi people, prophesied that there would come an eleventh hour when all the people would have to choose: to remain divided and destroy themselves and the planet, or to reunite and restore the balance of life. Certainly we are at that hour.” Christina Baldwin, Calling the Circle – the Once and Future Culture, Bantam Books, 1998, p.58
Ten recent public Forum messages
Collective Action in Santa Barbara Tomorrow Sun, Sep 6, 2015 Occupy Express Plenary
"BIG ETHICAL CONVERGENCE ABOUT DOING THE RIGHT THING!" I'm just starting to pick up this momentum -- but this looks right down the alley. This is people-centric cross-sector collective activism and alliance development -- with a spiritual/interreligious element -- my kinda thing. What: Raise the Wage Kickoff When: Mon, September 7, 11:30am -- 12:30pm Where: Pershing Park, corner of Ca...
Feel the Bern Sun, Sep 6, 2015 Occupy Express Plenary
Great to hear from you, Ani, thanks for jumping into this (for people who don't know, Ani is a long-time Santa Barbara community activist and organizer, with a number of web sites and close connection with Ayni Gallery). I like your lyrics too -- sounds like rap. Let's work on that groundswell. All of this very much feels like "Occupy revisited" -- it's the same issues and concerns -- with ...
Feel the Bern Sat, Sep 5, 2015 Occupy Express Plenary
Hi People -- Just checking in. New energy rising... I was down at the Farmer's Market in Santa Barbara today, along with a few folks. Carl had his accordion and I had the tambourine I marched with when we Occupiers were chanting "Banks got bailed out, we got sold out" Here's the lyrics to the song we were singing. This is an agenda I can get behind. See what you think. Feel right to ...
Network Nation Thu, May 22, 2014 Occupy Express Plenary
Hi People -- Since I just got a note through this framework from Michael Keough -- a Coffee Party guy from a few years ago, and then Occupy -- and who-knows-what today -- I just thought I would mention that there's a new project percolating on the horizon -- called "Network Nation" What that place is about is -- common ground and the new revolution. This time --...
Democracy in the Cloud Sun, Mar 9, 2014 Occupy Express Plenary
Hi People. Thanks for being here. I just wanted to float an idea past this group -- something not quite formed yet, but taking shape. The question is -- how can we pull together the very diverse and well-intended political motivations of "activists in our region", in ways that can create a unified and transformative political force -- without requiring that everybody see everything the same...
Thrive Movement Tue, Sep 11, 2012 Occupy Express Plenary
Good morning. Just wondering if anybody here has some insights or strong feelings about the vision of "global domination" presented through the movie "Thrive". ?? It's a beautifully produced movie, with a lot of vital force and hope -- presenting the thesis that what is preventing the world from "thriving" is an elite cabal of the super-rich, with a stranglehold on the world's economy. ...
Enlightened Politics - Peace Treaty Wed, Jul 25, 2012 Occupy Express Plenary
Good morning. Thanks, all, for being there. This "EJ thing" continues to feel very strong. Yes, it's kinda fancy, and it does depend on getting a few new ideas into our hard heads -- but -- that might not be impossible.... What I am supposing is the next right step for this -- is to get out to the Capps Center at UCSB -- they were the sponsors of the EJ appearance here on June 20 -- and ...
Enlightened Politics Mon, Jul 23, 2012 Occupy Express Plenary
Hi again. Just want to push a few thoughts into circulation -- that for me, are carrying a lot of hope and excitement. I'm going to try the slightly glossier format for this message group, and see whether these emails get through the spam filters... I did post a longish message to another group this morning -- on my own "Evolutionary History of the New Politics" -- which more or less review...
Our Divided Political Heart, by EJ Dionne Fri, Jul 20, 2012 Occupy Express Plenary
Good morning, long time no type. Happy Summer. I've been working on the book "Our Divided Political Heart", by Washington Post columnist (and MSNBC commentator and Brookings Institute Fellow and Georgetown Professor) EJ Dionne. Some of you probably know that EJ was here on June 20, at the Lobero, and spoke to a full house about the thesis of his new book. We bought a copy then, and another o...
Creating Something Different Sun, Apr 29, 2012 Occupy Express Plenary
I was "Up with Chris Hayes" this morning -- early weekend mornings on MSNBC -- and one of his guests was Marina Sitrin, from the OWS Legal Working Group, who was talking about the May 1 OWS action -- and who said a bunch of things I thought were powerful and significant. Marina described the entire OWS/Occupy movement in one succinct phrase: "Pulling the emergency brake" What's the Occupy...