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Privacy & Trust

Building trust

In our work to transform the national political culture in the USA, one issue of high importance is building trust among our members and participants.

Here on the SharedPurpose.Net site, we are doing our best to establish and maintain trust with you. Here are a few guidelines that we are suggesting.

Along that line, we just want you to know that your trust is important to us. We have no reason to abuse it, and every reason to want to guard and protect it. We want to trust you; we want you to trust us. If we can keep that trust intact, we can do great things for this country.

Your privacy options

On your My Profile page, there are a series of privacy options that you control. Sign in to access those options.

  • You can hide or display your last name. The default is to show the first letter of your last name only.
  • You can hide or display your phone number.
  • You can hide or display your email address. The default is to show the first three letters of your email address only.
  • You can hide or display your location information, including city and zip code. The default is to show city and zip code.
You also have the option to allow or deny contact with you from your profile. The default is to allow contact. Your email address is not exposed when somebody contacts you by email from your profile.
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