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Appreciative Interviews

The "Occupy" movement has exploded across the USA and the world. It reflects a wide variety of motivations and concerns, and draws together people from all walks of life.
This movement is so new that not everything about it is entirely clear or well-defined. But thousands or millions of us know that this movement is about something important, even though what that "something" might be is not yet absolutely defined.

We have given this framework on SharedPurpose.Net the name "Occupy Express", with the idea that we could provide a way for people to "express" their point of view -- and because the name "express" also implies something speedy, something lightweight, something easy to live with...

The Occupy movement is starting to build an array of tools and options, that are growing under the influence and input of the people who show up, and who let us know why they are here and what they want to do.

Take our survey and let us know what is important to you.

Thanks for being here!