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Transform the System

Donate -- Support SharedPurpose.Net!

SharedPurpose.Net is an independently developed web system supporting organizations working to transform the political culture in the USA. All programming and development is original, and customized for collaborative political organizing.

Our server operates industrial strength MS SQL Server databases and the network capacity to organize hundreds of groups and projects around the USA. Server costs for run about $300/month, and other operating expenses bring the out of pocket costs to $400/month. It takes hours of skilled work every day to maintain and grow this site, to respond to user requests and concerns, and to build the features and tools required to expand this innovative and important movement. We send many thousands of emails to movement participants, offer a wide variety of features to support organizing, and are building a broadly inclusive network community of dedicated Americans who want to change our political culture.

It costs money to do this!
To date, all costs for have been paid out-of-pocket as an in-kind donation by Bruce Schuman. To help support our work, we have set up a donation and support option through the 501(c)3 INTERSPIRIT FOUNDATION, of which Bruce is the developer and chief officer. We need your support, and must have it, if we are to realize the potential for expanding the movement that is provided by the Internet today. All donations received through the Interspirit Foundation are fully tax deductible.

Please put your shoulder to the wheel and help us move American politics into a new era. To make your donation, please click

You can make your donation with a credit card, or using a PayPal account.

For further information or to talk about your donation or on-going support, please give us a call (805) 966-9515

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