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We're done with tolerating the misinfotainment culture. It's clever to disguise propaganda as entertainment, but it's immoral and dangerous. Join the Coffee Party Truth Squad. Let's collaborate on short-term and long-term strategies to squash misinformation/smear campaigns.


Letter from Annabel, Nov 12, 2010

Hi everyone!

Let's collaborate on our ideas both short-term and long-term. Here is an idea that I have. We have nearly 325,000 followers on Facebook, about 70,000 email subscribers from the website, and over 8,000 Twitter followers.

Roughly one out of a 1000 Americans follow the Coffee Party. If we can get them to help us spread information, we can have impact.

We need form a Rapid Response Team to release fact checks at least once a week. We can use email, fb, twitter, youtube, blogging to respond rapidly to misinformation.

We would like volunteers to sign up for one or more of these positions:

  • Gatherers to gather instances of misinformation.
  • Researchers to research the facts.
  • Writers to write up compelling communication pieces reporting the facts.
  • Spreaders to help us get our fact checks out there.
  • Correctors to demand corrections and accountability to spreaders of misinformation.
  • Managers to help manage the volunteers and work flow.


What do you think? Any ideas?


Help the Truth Squad Inform America at:
Please help us by adding your articles and insights to our growing wiki library on this critical subject.