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"The Coffee Party is urgently calling for a sustained, citizen-led movement to address the problem of money in politics and the harmful effects of the Citizens United decision."

We are coming together to discuss this call to action, and to build and empower this citizen-led movement.

We are working with the Political Wisdom Wiki:

Please help us by adding your articles and insights to our growing wiki library on this critical subject.


The day after the 2010 midterm election is now upon us. In the coming weeks, as we learn more about the avalanche of outside funding that dominated this year's races, we are taking steps to focus the nation on an issue that goes far beyond partisan politics.

The fact that the power to legislate can be so easily purchased in Washington is at the heart of the frustrations most Americans share. It is the answer to the question, "Why is our government so unresponsive to the people?" We need to focus our efforts on solving this problem now — not as members of any political party, but as the American people demanding fair representation.

To restore government of, for and by the people (not the funders), we must insist on legislative and Constitutional remedies to the reckless Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court, which declared corporations are persons with inalienable rights, allowed to spend unlimited, undisclosed amounts of money to influence our elections and thereby dominate our government.

Unfortunately, real leadership on this issue will not come from Washington. It simply can't because any elected leader who seeks to address this problem will face the wrath of institutions who can simply threaten to destroy them. The power of the voter must overtake the power of money. The leadership must come from us, the citizens. We must make them do it.

The Coffee Party is urgently calling for a sustained, citizen-led movement to address the problem of money in politics and the harmful effects of the Citizens United decision.

Our growing coalition already includes the Backbone Campaign, Fix Congress First, and Move to Amend. Today we are reaching out to many other organizations such as Public Campaign, Free Speech for People and Common Cause. We will:

  • Become "Paul Reveres" in our communities, and inform the public about how this problem is crippling our economy and our jeopardizing our future

  • Help bring together a broad-based coalition of existing organizations

  • Develop strategies to make this THE issue for the 2012 elections, including recruiting candidates and raising funds for a Political Action Committee (PAC)

  • Focus our respective memberships on a grassroots campaign to put pressure on the House of Representatives to pass the Fair Elections Now Act during the lame-duck session

  • Work with our coalition partners to organize community meetings and regional strategy summits around the United States