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Principles of Civil Dialogue

My Engagement with Others

The Shared Purpose Community is broadly inclusive of many points of view, and brings together Americans from all walks of life and all perspectives.

A political group with a "big tent" philosophy like this can easily become scattered or divided. Civility and dialogue are essential if we are to hold our movement together, and to help move American politics into a new era.

As one participant here, speak for yourself. How do you engage with other citizens when discussing controversial or difficult issues?

I acknowledge any changes in my own point of view.

I acknowledge that I am expressing my own opinion, rather than expressing an opinion that is true for everyone.

I ask questions to get clarity about another point of view.

I do my best to identify and recognize my own assumptions.

I do not try to convince others to change their point of view.

I express my opinions in a positive and constructive way.

I listen attentively to what others have said and respond empathetically.

I realize that it can be helpful to relate a personal feeling or story to what has been said.

I realize that it may be helpful to state in my own words the point of view of those who have a different opinion.

I respond in ways that show an effort to understand others.

I respond in ways that show openness and a willingness to learn.

I respond to the insights of others with questions, agreements or respectful disagreement.

I state what I have learned from others.

I try to recognize how other people feel.

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