The Heart of the Occupy Movement
Appreciative Interview
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Thanks for participating! Please respond to the following interview questions, writing your answer into the box. Your answer might be transcribed onto the Internet, and you have complete control over your privacy and anonymity. You also have the option to respond directly on the internet, at

We value your contribution, and appreciate your involvement!

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The Occupy Movement represents an important and deeply felt response from thousands or millions of people, who sense something deeply wrong or flawed in American democracy and governance, and who want to come together to create effective social change.

This interview invites you to offer us your particular perspective on the Occupy Movement -- what you feel it is about, why you are participating, what you particularly would like to do, what you would like to see happen, and what you are prepared to do to help advance this cause.

Thanks for being here, thanks for caring, thanks for bringing your gifts to the table!

1. Purpose / Objective / Goal

In your opinion, what is the purpose or objective of the Occupy Movement?

2. Your Motivation

Why are you personally involved in the Occupy Movement?

What are you hoping to accomplish?

What is your personal goal or objective?

3. Your Activism

What are you prepared to do to help achieve your personal goal?

4. National Movement

Local groups that come together as part of the Occupy Movement are independent and autonomous, and act independently.

In your opinion, is the Occupy Movement a national movement?

Should local General Assemblies work together closely?

Should they be interconnected?

Should they share a common agreement?

If so, how could that agreement be created?

5. Political Effectiveness

Do you believe that the Occupy Movement is effective as a force for social change?

Is it an effective political force?

In your opinion, how could the Occupy Movement become a more effective political force?

6. Global Connection

Do you believe that the Occupy Movement is part of a larger global movement?

If so, what are the characteristics of this global movement, and how is your local group connected to it?

7. Occupy Heart

Some people have suggested that the Occupy Movement is led from the heart. The "Bat Signal" projected against the side of the Verizon building in NYC on November 17, 2011 said "Look around. You are part of a global movement. We are a cry from the heart of the world".

Do you believe this is true?

What is the Heart of the World?

How is the Occupy Movement an expression or cry from it?