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Interview: Connect 2012 - long form v1.0
Interviewer: Suzanne Jones
Interviewee: David J.

Question Answer
1 Describe your interest in being a change agent, i.e. working to create positive change for the greater good. How would you characterize your current activity level? (Choose one) Not active, nor interested in being a "change agent"

2 Describe how this compares to the activity level as a change agent that you might desire for yourself. (Choose one) Good where I am and not interested in more opportunities

3 List any movements or organizations you are involved with that might be synergistic with other initiatives to create positive change. None at this time

4 We are creating a database of projects and initiatives to support the emergence of collaborative work via Connect 2012. Is there something you are engaged with now, or might imagine launching or being a part of, that you would like to share? If so, please briefly describe the nature of this work, including its purpose and intended results. Not at this time

5 Are there needs you have or requests you want to make regarding the work described in #4 above? None at this time

6 List websites you'd like to share that relate specifically to your projects (including Twitter & Facebook if you wish):
(List each website on a separate line)
None at this time

7 ** Return here to answer this question AFTER you've completed your interview. **

Do you have any comments or questions about this interview, Connect 2012 and/or Occupy Cafe?
You might as well hear from a pessimist. I'm sad and sorry to be so pessimistic. I just feel hopeless, helpless and disenfranchised - not that I ever was franchised.

8 Q1(a): As you reflect on a time when people came together in a powerful way for positive change, choose one that stands out for you. Tell me your story about that time and any part you, your family and/or friends might have played in it [if relevant].

Vietnam war - I had a low draft number and they also were willing to drafting a lot of other people that had no business being involved. My efforts were individual. I was a conscientious observer.

9 Q1(b): Why this is an important story? How has it influenced you? What lessons does it offer going forward?

The resistance to the draft, in general, did a lot to remind people of their personal freedom. Also the civil rights movement was a very important and powerful movement..

I think times have changed quite a lot. They are similar in that the government is a puppet of the corporations, but I see this movement as completely different. The draft resistance was about personal freedom and Occupy is about socialism.

10 Q2: At this time in history, what challenges do you see in the way we choose to organize ourselves politically, economically and socially? What opportunities do you see in the ways that things might be shifting, awakening and/or emerging in response to these challenges?

Challenges: Unfortunately, I'm kind of hopeless. I see the necessity for responsible voting and informing our elected officials. it's our responsibility to try to make democracy work, even though it's really only democracy in theory, but it's a challenge to do this and deal with all the challenges that keep coming up (e.g., a growing population and diminishing resources). Health care issues are a major problem. The anti-socialist government has led the 99% down a path using insurance rather than social responsibility. In order to feel any sense of security everyone has to work full time and then all our money is spent on insurance, dental, roof over our head. We're in a mess. I wish I could have the faith that people in the occupy movement have that if people just speak up something can change - their voices can be heard.

Socialism and social revolution isn't new. It happens every time there is a depression - happens all over the world. The US has usually been very fast at jumping into the middle of social revolutions with guns blazing and I'm surprised it hasn't happened this time.

Since the Bush administration, I've basically lost all hope that the government will do anything to benefit the people. We've been lied to so much, so often, in such severe circumstances, we should be considering armed revolution, but none of want that kind of violence.

Opportunities: I don't see any opportunities"

11 Q3 Context: Imagine we’re a few years down the line and people like you have been hugely successful in moving us towards lasting and far-reaching changes that benefit all people and the planet as a whole. Wherever you look, there are dramatic improvements in how leaders behave and how communities interact. As you walk through your city, town or village and talk with others across your country and around the world, you see evidence of positive change spreading everywhere.

Q3(a): Describe the differences you, hear, feel, and experience in your everyday life.

Homeless people being taken care of, hungry people being fed, pensions being protected, inflation nonexistent, prices being realistic. Mental health patients get the housing care they need. Also, take care of the needs of the elderly.

12 Q3(b): Describe the differences you see, hear, feel and experience in the way we choose to organize ourselves politically, economically and socially.

I don't know what sort of organization could work better. There are radical departures from what we have now but I don't know if they'd be better. We haven't had much chance to see socialism work. Usually a dictator takes over and the people suffer. Socialism is supposed to be about people having more comforts and assets, security

13 Q3(c): What did people do early on that helped to generate such positive outcomes?

They took responsiblity for overpopulating the planet and for squandering resources would be pretty important. Population control being the most fundamental.

14 Q3(d): What role did you play in making this happen?

I lived my life creatively and tried to be kind to people.

15 Q4(a): What skills, talents and/or resources might you have to offer in service to collaborative work that emerges via the connect 2012 initiative?

Don't have any ideas along those lines. I like the idea of the original food co-ops that bought up excess food and sold it to low income people I'm not willing to get involved at this time.

16 Q4(b) What is the nature of this potential offer (as a paid service, barter, gift, a combination, etc.)?

Not applicable

17 Are you interested in developing the infrastructure of Occupy Cafe in support of this initiative or in other respects?


18 Are you interested in collaborating on the production of a short video or a blog post based on your stories and vision?