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Interview: Connect 2012 - long form v1.0
Interviewer: Jeremy Joaquin Capdevielle
Interviewee: Jitendra Darling
Location: California United States

Question Answer
1 Describe your interest in being a change agent, i.e. working to create positive change for the greater good. How would you characterize your current activity level? (Choose one) 100% engaged

2 Describe how this compares to the activity level as a change agent that you might desire for yourself. (Choose one) Good where I am and also open to new opportunities

3 List any movements or organizations you are involved with that might be synergistic with other initiatives to create positive change. Four Years Go Pachamama Occupy Marin MoveOn.org Occupy Cafe Global Heart Initiative

4 We are creating a database of projects and initiatives to support the emergence of collaborative work via Connect 2012. Is there something you are engaged with now, or might imagine launching or being a part of, that you would like to share? If so, please briefly describe the nature of this work, including its purpose and intended results. Global Heart Initiative: a global forum for collective, collaborative and synergistic visioning.

Occupy Cafe: Serving the #Occupy conversation into the wider world.

5 Are there needs you have or requests you want to make regarding the work described in #4 above? I need brilliant graphic designers, web designers, training manuals.

6 In addition to being interviewed, are you also interested in conducting interviews as part of the Connect 2012 initiative? Yes

7 Q1(a): As you reflect on a time when people came together in a powerful way for positive change, choose one that stands out for you. Tell me your story about that time and any part you, your family and/or friends might have played in it [if relevant].

1978: The longest walk, a native american protest, against the us government for breaking treaties, driving off land. Caravaned with 6 people to D.C, where walk was culminating. At camp, within half hour of arriving, a fight broke out. AM people thought a guy was an FBI agent. Incredible tension and heat. Indians screaming "we're at war with US gov."

Intense moment/conflict: Ideal picture of supporting AI and reality of the moment. SWAT teams, black suits, ears plugs. Washington monument park was flooded with people.

Elders were speaking, weren't too fiery and hard to understand as cameras focused in. As stronger speakers began to speak cameras went down.

After days events went to relatives home nearby. Realized that not very many people were aware of protest and realty of Indian situation. Media played huge role to focusing attention away from situation.

Realized consciousness in people need to change. Closed non-profit and moved into Ashram. Defining moment/shift from activism to more spiritual focus. The experiences drastically shifted perspective of personal presence on earth from pure activism to spirituality and internal territory. After 35 years the active spirit is rejuvenated with deeper experience and loving perspective.

Elder wisdom that is coming through from the 50's, 60's, 70's, is inspiring.

8 Q1(b): Why this is an important story? How has it influenced you? What lessons does it offer going forward?

It shaped the path of whole life. Drove deeper/learned lesson that any system in place will default to lowest common denominator of people driving it. People talk of "new economy," but we need to focus on internal value and self worth as fundamental block of a new economy.

Going forward: Myself along with other brilliant people. Understanding of the nut, bolts and organization of systems. A deep understanding of internal shifts that need to occur for systems to shift and be sustainable over time.

US and constitution was a step forward, but got dragged backward from where people were when it started.

Energetically people are not free and fundamental rights are deeply compromised.

We can write whatever laws we want, but if we don't change our hearts and the way we connect, then we build new foundations on sand.

Core awakening journey work: all relationships are bounded by one and thats a relationship with ourselves.

If we build a system when we are unsure of where our hearts reside, we will build another exploitative system.

9 Q2: At this time in history, what challenges do you see in the way we choose to organize ourselves politically, economically and socially? What opportunities do you see in the ways that things might be shifting, awakening and/or emerging in response to these challenges?

Challenges: a deep lack of trust within the universe in which we live.

Einstein's last days. Scientist got together and couldn't decide what question to ask. So, they asked AE what his ultimate question is. He said "is the universe friendly."

Translates as "is this a safe place?" Is this a love based universe of a hostile universe? We base our survival on fear. We are shifting into beings that trust love over fear. As we shift from fear based to love based, everything changes. Socially, environmentally, economically. It all changes when we trust our own goodness.

When I trust my love is enough, my being is enough everything changes. With the feeling of enough I don't need to fill voids with material goods.

The global heart is shifting. Occupy is a movement of care. People care about each, other, the environment etc. We collectively care more than ever.

The opportunity is simply a matter of recognizing what is happening. The weather, the people.

Global warming. On one hand we perceive a negative, but maybe the universe is speaking to us. A message of a global warming of the human heart. Warm your hearts!

Challenges: A whole laundry list of symptoms that can be dove into, but consiousness tends to ggravitate to lowest common denominator. The challenges are only symptoms that have arisen from beings being disconnected from their hearts and each other.

10 Q3 Context: Imagine we’re a few years down the line and people like you have been hugely successful in moving us towards lasting and far-reaching changes that benefit all people and the planet as a whole. Wherever you look, there are dramatic improvements in how leaders behave and how communities interact. As you walk through your city, town or village and talk with others across your country and around the world, you see evidence of positive change spreading everywhere.

Q3(a): Describe the differences you, hear, feel, and experience in your everyday life.

See people smiling, deep creases between there brows that have unfolded themselves. People are enjoying their lives, enjoying each other, excited about the work they do. "Work" is not a dirty word.

There is a spike in creativity. Everyone has enough and we realize that there is enough in the planet. That is is possible to distribute the wealth and resources of the earth.

People working together. Healthy local communities. Appreciations of culture. People enjoy the diversity of one another.

Where local communities have become self sufficient to a degree, there is also an exchange of culture and goods on a global level.

A realization as humans and a humility that we are a part of something wondrous and larger than ourselves. People are governed and govern themselves in a just way. People are interested in there government and willingly involved. Everything is good

11 Q3(b): Describe the differences you see, hear, feel and experience in the way we choose to organize ourselves politically, economically and socially.

Politically we organize oursleves in a way that we really know how to harvest the collective will. Hasrvest what people need to live in a sustinable way. Politics are about the health of the people. Physically, psychologically and mentally the politics take care of people. Not in an enabling way, but provides for people in such a way that allows people to develop fully. Safety nets are imoprtant. No human being should fall below the means of dignified living. As a society we all take care of one another. Politics reflect that. It's horizontal and direct representation.

Economically: Not that we ascribe dollar value so much to things. Based on human value and creativity. We find a way of exchanging that is not debt based, but value based. A generative economy that preserves human value, earth value, resrouce value. Free flow of circulation like human body. Now, the economy in terms of the body all the money/value, is in the head and it's about to explode.

Socially: Built on deep respect and appreciation. Greatly value and celebrate diversity. We understand how to make the most of our diversity to work for the benefit of all.

12 Q3(c): What did people do early on that helped to generate such positive outcomes?

Somthing sparked courage. People began to speak with people unlike themselves. Began to exchange stories and realized that they aren't as unlike as they once thought. Developed empathy for eachother. Began realizing that the ways they focused on differences was hurting themselves. Began paying atention to the similiarites and common needs for existence. People come more out of their heads and into their hearts.

The more heart, less head, more commonality, more cooperation less divisiveness. Began seeing bridges being built between diverse groups. People began to wake up to realization that there are more important things to focus on than differences.

People began realizing that as they began working form the heart that the world that was forming was more in line with needs. The realizations fueled even more connection. A fire of sort grew as people created from the heart a world they loved.

13 Q3(d): What role did you play in making this happen?

Became very inspired about the "global heart initiative" and "connect 2012." Passionate about empowering people to relax into themselves and fulfill themselves to be who they are. To clear ground so that we can do it more and more easily together.

Facilitator, teacher, cheerleader, mentor, always a student, of a process of becoming and revealing and connecting and synergizing. Instigator and a link to synergy. Poking at the unquestioned assumptions. Evoking. Empowering. Awakening.

14 Q4(a): What skills, talents and/or resources might you have to offer in service to collaborative work that emerges via the connect 2012 initiative?

particular skills and talents:mapping and navigating the internal landscape of the human experience and how to integrate that at a fairly high level with least amount of steps. Resource of inner transformation. Process of transposing that skill to group process and transformation. Bringing cultural coherence to organizations from an internal space.