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Appreciative Interviews


…a place where people of all stripes and every generation may routinely come together to get to know one another, develop the skills and processes of collaboration, and cooperatively meet our most basic needs.

At this moment in time we face several historic crises. The expropriation of our democratic republic by the financial elite. The corruption of the economic system upon which ordinary people rely to meet their most basic material needs. The disintegration of family and community life. The collapse of the ecological and climate conditions upon which life as we know it depends.

Why is all this happening now? Is it that an economic system rooted in self-interest and greed must necessarily eat itself from within while exploiting and devouring the natural environment upon which it depends? Won't any civilization crumble when the foundations upon which it stands are thus destroyed?

The Cooperative Solution

Human beings are both competitive and cooperative, but we are actually more naturally cooperative than competitive. We thrived for countless millennia in small cooperative bands, competing but also cooperating with nearby bands. It has required a relentless conditioning system to suppress our cooperative nature; we have been inculcated our whole lives into a selfish, competitive culture. In order to survive without destroying each other and the planet we must reverse this conditioning and recreate small local contexts in which our cooperative nature is reawakened and our cooperative skills relearned. We must create a robust global network of local social and economic systems that sustainably serve all people and the living systems upon which we depend.