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Network Nation

Voice for a New Politics

"Everything ON the table, everybody AT the table"

"No one has all the answers, but if we agree to work together to find good ideas,
aggregate our energy and pool our talents and resources, we just may create
something really powerful, quite revolutionary, together.

"Imagine. If we learned to work together, perhaps we can become a super-organism.
That is the hope inherent in democracy as an ideal."

Americans want a new politics, based on principles of cooperation and working together.

We are one people, one nation. We have a great history, and the crises we are facing today, while challenging and painful, can be overcome by adherence to traditional American values blended with a few new ideas.

Some of the things we are looking at...

  • Civility
  • Dialogue
  • Inclusion
  • Holistic and integral thinking
  • Building trust
  • Resonance
  • Community
  • Working together
  • Unity in diversity
  • The power of networks
  • The perfection of democratic self-governance
  • One Nation, One People, indivisible with liberty and justice for all

In order to form a more perfect union...

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