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  1. Active Groups Seeking Common Ground
  2. Charter for Cocreation
  3. CHE - Citizens for a Healthy Earth
  4. Connect 2012
  5. Crossing Worlds
  6. Dialogue Harvest
  7. Evolve Santa Barbara
  8. Focal Point Alliance
  9. Humanity Rising
  10. Interplay
  11. Network Nation
  12. Occupy Express
  13. Spirit of the Center
  14. The Bridge Across Consciousness
  15. Transform the System
  16. USA National Organizing


SharedPurpose.Net is an internet system and framework for community and political organizing. We are building bridges between demographic groups, following a holistic vision of social cohesion.

Shared Purpose supports a variety of separate and independent organizations developing understanding and cooperation across social and political boundaries.

Our system is organized in terms of four basic levels:

  • Networks - you are currently signed into the Occupy Express Network
  • Groups
  • Subgroups
  • Users

A network is the highest (most inclusive) level of organization in the Shared Purpose framework. Networks are separate and independent systems, and operate on their own, under their own administrative leadership. Users can join or quit networks, and join or quit groups and subgroups within those networks.

A network can include thousands of users (people), and can develop any number of groups within that network, composed of users who come together for some purpose they share. A group is managed by one or two group administrators, who can select and configure the many features available to groups (forum, polling/surveys, collaborative documents, broadcast email options, etc.) Groups can be defined in many ways, such as by geographical location, interest or topic or issue, organizational chapter or branch, or by project. Groups can be associated with locations (states, regions, counties, zip codes) and can be positioned on a map of the USA. At the discretion of a group administrator, a group can be divided into any number of separate and independent subgroups, each of which has all the features of a primary group.

Any group can be divided into subgroups. Subgroups can be developed for particular purposes that are relevant to the purposes of the group which contains them. A group can have any number of subgroups.

A user is a person with an account/membership in the Shared Purpose system linked to their email address. Each user has their own private account, and controls their own email subscription and which groups or networks they wish to join or quit. Many of the features available to individual users are available from their "My Profile" link, where a user can individually configure many options. Other options and personal preferences can be configured on other pages.