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Enlightened Politics - Peace Treaty

Date posted: Wednesday, July 25, 2012, 7:20 AM
From: Bruce Schuman
Msg ID: 106582
A reply to: Msg. 106571
Posted: Sent to all subscribers

Good morning. Thanks, all, for being there.

This "EJ thing" continues to feel very strong.

Yes, it's kinda fancy, and it does depend on getting a few new ideas into our hard heads -- but -- that might not be impossible....

What I am supposing is the next right step for this -- is to get out to the Capps Center at UCSB -- they were the sponsors of the EJ appearance here on June 20 -- and let them know that there's this guy out there with an idea -- and what do they think?

Those guys have a strong position here. They are solidly connected, of course, to Lois Capps -- and their entire history and reason for being is connected back through Walter Capps -- who, of course, was a very popular professor of Religious Studies, and who got elected to Congress but died in his first term, to much sorrow among his compatriots, and Hon. Lois ran for his seat and won...

So -- 1) they study this stuff, and know about it, and 2) they are "credible" and have been around a long time, and 3) they can reach EJ, which 4) would be interesting if they like this project and think it might really roll, since 5) we/I would love to get EJ aware of what we might be able to do as hardcore political visionaries and organizers and internet wavy-finger people.

The Capps Center website appeared broken this morning when I was looking for it, but I'll get there.


Here's the first page of this review for Capps Center.

It talks about a "Peace Treaty for the American Electorate"

Why is this interesting -- say -- to Occupy People?

Because -- I say -- it might be workable -- and if so, it might be a stunning revolution in political thinking. EJ has paved the way with very articulate historical references, and an inspiring framework that makes a lot of sense.

And if this really is a way to pull "diverse" political people into a common framework, to pull in a common direction -- which I think it is -- we could get beyond the crazy-making diversity and differences that tend to blow an inclusive movement like Occupy out of the water. If we can pull people together around their common ground -- and work out a "peace treaty" among them -- based on recognizing this "long consensus" concept -- and the core "creative tension" that has always existed within the American conversation -- people might (?) start coming together from all quarters. We just gotta pave the pathway in an explicit and inviting way, and turn them on to "the power of the people, when the people stop fighting among themselves...."