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Occupy Express Plenary 119 68
   Occupy Express Plenary
OccupySB Structure Working Group 9 3
   Explore and develop and propose organizational methods and connections, reach out to the SB community, introduce refined methods for consensus decisions and group processes -- such as "Open Space Technology" or "World CafĂ©" or "Appreciative Inquiry" or "Future Search" or "Heart Circles" -- or any other emerging and tested/known method for developing group coherence. Particularly emphasizing Iroquois Confederacy "Spokes Council" model. We are about: Lucidity, coherence, articulation, strong system design, integration across levels and processes and web systems, "internet-to-people" interface, working groups on Vision, Values, Purpose and Mission, connecting with and supporting/engaging significant political power blocks in the SB region, emerging new ways to draw in participation from throughout the Santa Barbara region.... Possible projects:
  • Development of refined methods for group decision/consensus process
  • Coordinated electronic outreach to local constituency groups
  • Development of SB area regional coordination -- contact local Occupies
  • Development of comprehensive list of issues of concern to all participating sectors of the SB regional community
On the Street California 3 1
   Videographer Michael White interviews Santa Barbara
One Love 4 1
   Wholeness in the individual, wholeness in the community, wholeness in the nation, wholeness in the world...
Project on Guiding Ethics 2 0
   Project on Guiding Ethics