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How to Use the Calendar
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Anyone in Interplay can list an event and use the features of the calendar to help publicize and organize their event.

The Calendar feature is available when you are signed into a group. When you list an event, you have the choice of displaying your event listing to anybody on the internet who looks at the calendar, or only to members of that group.

Right now, you are not signed into a group, so you can't see events listed for a specific group.

To list an event, go to the desired month and day and click

Complete the listing form, selecting the appropropriate time zone, and indicating whether you wish this event to be visible to everyone on the internet, or only to members of the group you are signed into. If listing a conference (phone) call, check that box, and your call will appear in the list of conference calls.

To list an event that is visible to everyone in Interplay (but not to other networks on SharedPurpose.Net), simply list the event as "display to all groups".

To see the full details listed for any event, or to RSVP, click the event listing for that day in the calendar. If you are the person who has listed the event, or an admin, you will see a link to edit the event at the bottom of the details.

Plus, if you are the person who has listed the event, or a group administrator, you will see a link to any RSVPs that may have been received. Click the link to the RSVPs to see who has RSVP-ed, or to send an email message to them.

Events listed for Interplay are visible only when signed into Interplay.